Smart Audio Converter Supported Formats

WMA - Windows Media Audio. An audio codec designed by Microsofts to replace MP3.

WAV - Uncompressed audio format designed by Microsoft and IBM. This format became the standard for Windows computers.

WAV - PCM - Pulse code modulation. A method of encoding analog audio signals in digital form.

WAV - ADPCM - Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation. A compression method that describes level differences between sequential samples.


MP3 - The most popular method for compressing music into a very small file while preserving a nearly perfect quality.

MP2 - (MPEG 1 Layer 2) MPEG Layer-2 format. The files have the .MP2 or .MPA extension.

MPEG - Moving Picture Experts Group. A standard for video and audio compression.

OGG Vorbis - Digital audio file format. Developed to compete with MP3.

VOX - Dialogic ADPCM format. An audio format used for telephony.

GSM - Global System for Mobile Communications. An audio format used for human speech.

AC3 - Dolby Digital AC3 (Multichannels). Designed to allow the use of low bit rates while preserving the original sound quality.

MPC - MPEG plus/MusePack. A file format that uses lossy compression. Good at middle to high bit rates.

G.72 - Used for computer telephony.

RAW (A-Law) - CCUIT A-LAW Compressed WAV format. Usually used in telephony.

RAW (U-Law)

Smart Audio Converter Standard

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Smart Audio Converter Pro

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More Features

PRO version comes with a very useful tool: Smart CD Ripper that allows you to extract audio tracks directly from your music CDs to computer files.


Smart CD Ripper settings

Excellent output quality - The Variable Bitrate (VBR) offers better quality than Constant Bitrate (CBR);

Free CDDB(CD database) - This feature enables your automatically to receive the name of the artist, the name of the album, the genre and the year of the album and the names of all the songs in the album through Internet;
High speed - The program uses gogo encoder - based on the "recent" lame 3.88 and offers a very good quality;

General Settings - Output format, Output folder, Filename format, Playlist format.